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Dry Rot Repair by Affordable Gutter Services serving Portland OR and Vancouver WA

In the damp Northwestern climate around Vancouver WA and Portland OR, wooden walls and trim are at the risk of attracting and becoming damaged by dry rot. Despite its name, This fungus needs moisture to grow and spread. Homeowners should call dry rot repair contractors at the first sign of damage or risk more serious complications and potentially dangerous and expensive structural damage as well.

Signs of Dry Rot

When the spores of a fungus land on window sills, door frames, or the ground surrounding a home, dry rot can occur. For most property owners, the only answer to, “What is dry rot?” is an unsightly deterioration of the wood on a home and a big headache. Affected wood can darken or crack, the paint may blister or peel, and the consistency of the wood will become weak, crumbling, or even powdery.

Dry Rot Treatment

The most important factor when it comes to treating dry rot is getting to it quickly. The longer dry rot repair is put off, the more extensive the damage will be. In most cases, all affected wood and boards directly adjacent to it need to be removed first. The most common method of how to treat dry rot is by simply rebuilding the windowsill, doorframe, or other affected area. In some cases, the fungus has damaged wood only slightly. Antifungal preparations can stop the problem from expanding or repeating. If this spot is difficult to get at, the dry rot repair contractor will inject a special solution to strengthen the boards.

Dry Rot Repair Cost

The cost of repairing or replacing affected wood depends on how much damage has occurred, material costs, the location of the damage to the structure, and other factors. Homeowners should understand that waiting will increase the costs as the dry rot spreads.

When it comes to dry rot repair, experience, knowledge, and reliability are important qualities to seek out. This potentially has an impact on dry rot repair costs by the dry rot repair contractors chosen. Contact Affordable Gutter Services today for a FREE estimate on your repair needs.

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