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Homeowners count on their roofs to protect their property, possessions, and family from wind, rain, and other uncomfortable problems. Moss removal is a necessary part of roof maintenance, extending the life of a roof and keeping it water-tight.

Moss is one of the most obvious growths seen on a roof. These spongy bumps can cluster together, or run along the edges of shingles or gutter. Moss can be bright or dark green and may have a brownish tinge. Moss is not the only growth that could be on your roof: fungus, algae, and lichen may also be present. Any plant matter growing on or around your roof should be removed, and our moss roof cleaning services also include roof algae removal.

Regular Moss Removal is Necessary

Experienced roof maintenance companies know just how dangerous roof moss can be.

  • Moss is a sign of too much moisture. It can be a predictor of leaks and damage!
  • Moss keeps the roof damp, and will not allow it to dry out.
  • The tiny roots of moss, algae, and lichen break down shingles over time.

Moss roof cleaning also improves property values and the appearance of your home. A house with a clean and tidy roof has more curb appeal. By providing moss removal or roof algae removal, we can preserve your roof, improve the look of your home, and prevent future repairs!

Roof Moss Removal Process and Considerations

While every situation and roof will be slightly different, Affordable Gutter Services has a general guideline we follow:

  1. Remove the moss.
    • This is frequently done with high-pressure water, though certain types of brooms or rakes may be employed as well, depending on the depth and level of moss growth.
    • Trained technicians should tackle this potentially dangerous job on a sunny day.
  2. The roof must dry completely before the next step. 
  3. Roof cleaning specialists then spray a properly formulated moss treatment chemical solution over the entire dry roof.
    • This treats the shingles, preventing moss from growing back for a period of time.

Professional Roof Moss Removal

Because this process involves activity on your roof, removal of plant growth, and chemical treatment, it must be undertaken by a professional roof cleaning company. If this process is completed by someone without specialized knowledge and experience, your roof might be irreparably damaged! Affordable Gutter Services has been cleaning roofs and gutters for years, and we have the experience and knowledge necessary to completely remove moss and other plant growth from your roof without damage.

Roof moss removal does not have to take long or be very expensive. The benefits to both the overall look and value of the property, and the money-saving longevity of the roof, are considerable. Contact us today for your roof cleaning service!

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