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K Style Gutters by Affordable Gutter Services serving Portland OR and Vancouver WA
Both residential and commercial properties frequently use k style gutters to move rainwater and snow-melt off the roof and down to the ground in a controlled manner. K-style gutters are one of the most popular varieties in the United States.

What are K-Style Gutters?

K-style gutters are given this name because of the unique bent appearance of the front facing. The metal is formed by a machine to have a rigid look and a folded over, smooth top to help prevent debris from getting stuck. They are attached to the house with screws or brackets and include downspouts that direct the water to an appropriate spot on the ground below.

5 Reasons to Replace a K-Style Gutter System

  1. Visual damage such as holes, cracks, separation of pieces, or rust. Besides being an eyesore, this damage can lead to more rather quickly.
  2. Bowed or detached gutters that do not meet up with the roof neatly. Any that pull away from the house will not do their job of moving water.
  3. Waterfalls over the edge of the gutter and subsequent damage to your landscaping or lawn below. While this may just mean that the gutter is clogged with leaves, branches, or other debris, it can be a sign of a more serious issue such as bad pitch or collapse.
  4. Pools of water by the house foundation can cause serious structural damage. This can even lead to damp or flood basements. The downspouts may not be channeling water away from the house correctly.
  5. Has it been twenty years or more since the K-style gutters were first installed? Like everything else, they have a lifespan and getting a new set is a sound investment.

Installing K-Style Gutters Start to Finish

With trained and experienced professionals on hand, installing k style gutters does not have to be difficult or time-consuming. First, the old gutter system is removed completely. Any repairs to the walls or roof must be done before the new one is attached.

Workers take careful measurements and have the gutters molded off-site in most cases. Installing K-style gutters starts with attaching the brackets to the roof edge and building walls. The gutters are then fitted into place and secured. Careful attention must be given to the slope of every piece so the water runs to the downspouts and off the roof instead of pooling and causing rust or damage to the house. Contact Affordable Gutter Services today for a FREE estimate on your gutter project!

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